C-Band Registration Deadline May 28th

Stations must register their previously existing C-Band earth station dishes with the FCC by May 28th.  It is important that the FCC gets accurate registration information for all C-Band Earth stations.  Inaccurate information may lead to interference from new 5G services that will be occupying the band.

Importantly, the certification deadline of May 28th is not required for new or modified licenses filed in the recent C-band filing window from April 19, 2018, to Oct. 31, 2018. However, all other operators of FSS earth stations in the C-band (including temporary-fixed or transportable earth stations) must provide certifications in the form mandated by the FCC. This includes call signs, file numbers, applicant or registrant name; and a signed certification statement.

Contact your engineer or technical advisor to make sure all your C-Band earth stations are registered properly.

For more information see the FCC’s Public Notice by clicking HERE.


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