American Gaming Association Adopts Advertising Guidelines for Sports Betting

As you know, sports gambling has been approved for the NY State licensed casinos.  On line sports betting remains prohibited.  It is only allowed in brick and mortar casino’s approved by the state.

The American Gaming Association (AGA), a trade association that represents casinos, has issued a new set of guidelines regarding sports gambling.

“Because legalized wagering on sporting contests is a relatively new activity in most states, AGA is extending its compliance commitments to answer fresh concerns that might arise with it. Accordingly, AGA members pledge in this code to adhere to certain practices in the marketing and advertising of sports wagering services — practices relating to respect for our communities and the law, taste and sound individual decision making by consumers of those services.”

Of course this is a voluntary code.  Nonetheless you can expect casino’s in New York to adapt advertising to these guidelines.  Key among the criteria is the requirement that children should not be in the audience

“Sports wagering advertising and marketing should be placed in broadcast, cable, radio, print or digital communications only where at least 71.6 percent of the audience is reasonably expected to be of legal gambling age (determined by using reliable, up-to-date audience composition data).”

To see the AGA’s new Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering click HERE.


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