FCC Chairman Agit Pai at NAB – We are Broadcasters First

In an age where it is easy to get caught up in all things digital, we sometimes have to remind ourselves of our strength – broadcasting.  As we travel across the Empire state presenting our awards for “Serving New York” we need to remember that our best competitive edge is serving our local communities. This sentiment was expressed eloquently by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in his speech before the NAB.

“In my view, the idea that you should increasingly think of yourselves as digital media companies is sound advice, with one important caveat.  You are still broadcasters first….

Being a broadcaster means something different that just being a media company.  It means something more….

This is what enables you to stand out in such a crowded media landscape.  The trust that broadcasters have built over the years is real, and Americans’ personal connections with you are your greatest competitive edge.

This trust is on full display in the marketplace for news.  In recent years, we’ve heard time and again about how social media platforms are increasingly the go-to source for news.  According to a 2018 Pew survey, roughly two-thirds of Americans get news on social media.  But they don’t trust it.  In that same survey, nearly 60% of Americans said the news they see on these platforms is largely inaccurate. And a poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal last week revealed that “sizable majorities say these sites do more to divide the country than unite it and spread falsehoods rather than news.”  The most trusted sources for most Americans are still local broadcasters.”

We agree!

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