C- Band Certification Deadline Now May 28th

The FCC has ordered stations to certify the usage of their C-band earth stations. Stations use C-band dishes to receive network and syndicated programs. Last year the FCC required those who had not registered C-band earth stations dishes to do so by October 18th.

However there is also the question of those previously registered earth stations.  Stations are also required to insure that their existing earth stations were registered accurately.  Accuracy is essential to avoid interference from 5G services that will be placed in the band.

The FCC ordered stations to certify existing C Band facilities. However, all FCC information requirements must be approved by OMB.  OMB did not approve the certifications until January 28th of this year.

The Commission has now issued a Public Notice (DA 19-278), setting May 28th as the deadline for updating and certifying the accuracy of the earth station data on file in the Commission’s records. Operators of FSS earth stations in the C-Band that are licensed or registered in the FCC’s International Bureau Filing System (“IBFS”), including temporary-fixed or transportable earth stations (such as a station on a satellite news-gathering truck) must certify the accuracy of all information reflected in their licenses or registrations in IBFS. The certification must include the applicant’s or registrant’s name, the call sign(s), file number(s), along with the following signed statement:

“The undersigned, individually and for the applicant, licensee or registrant, hereby certifies that all information reflected in his or her licenses or registrations in IBFS, including any attached exhibits, are true, complete and correct to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, and have been made in good faith.”

The Commission conducted a filing window from April 19, 2018, to October 31, 2018, for the owners of earth stations to request new or modified licenses or registrations. Except for the need to update their filings in cases where changes have occurred since the earlier submission, earth station owners who filed during that filing window are exempt from this current certification mandate.

Operators of temporary-fixed or transportable FSS C-Band earth stations that are licensed or authorized in IBFS must also provide the following additional information, regardless of when they were licensed or registered:

  • Earth station call sign (or IBFS file number if registration is pending);
  • Address where the equipment is typically stored;
  • The area within which the equipment is typically used;
  • Frequency (as in “how often” rather than spectrum) and duration of use;
  • Number of transponders typically used in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band, and extent of use on both uplink and downlink; and
  • Licensee/registrant and contact information.

All required information is to be submitted electronically online in IBFS HERE using the “Pleadings and Comments” link. Fixed, temporary fixed, and transportable earth station owners must file certifications as a pleading type “C-Band certification” for each call sign.

Temporary fixed and transportable earth station owners must file the additional data requested above using the pleading type “Other” for each call sign.


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