Commissioner O’Rielly Requests NYC Congressional Delegation to Discourage Pirate Radio  

As you know NYSBA has been at the forefront in the battle against illegal pirate radio operations in New York.  We have had no stronger champion at the FCC than Commissioner Mike O’Rielly. He has been our lead advocate at the FCC.  Recently he penned a letter to the New York City delegation expressing his further support to help eradicate illegal pirate radio operations.  In the letter he seeks the help of the New York Congressional Delegation:

“Since your Congressional district is located within or near the most prolific market for pirate radio, I wanted to seek your direct assistance on the issue. Specifically, I respectfully request that you discourage any of your constituents in the greater New York City radio market from facilitating pirate radio activities in any way, including participating in pirate operations, advertising with such “stations,” housing or leasing space to pirate operators, or tuning in to these harmful broadcasts. Finally, I would appreciate any information that you or your staff would be willing to share regarding the location of known pirate operations, which will be swiftly directed to the Commission’s Enforcement Bureau for action.”

THANK YOU COMMISSIONER O’RIELLY.  You are right on target. We also want to thank Congressman Paul Tonko (D NY 20) who spearheaded the effort to pass the PIRATE Act (H.R. 583) through the House of Representatives.  We need to get the bill through the Senate.

To see Commissioner O’Rielly’s letter click HERE.


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