FCC EEO Enforcement Moves from Media Bureau to Enforcement Bureau

It is now official; all EEO enforcement actions will fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.  Last year the FCC voted to move this function from the Media Bureau.  As we have noted on a number of occasions, you can expect the Enforcement Bureau to be very aggressive with respect to EEO enforcement.  FCC Chairman Agit Pai noted:

“By moving our Equal Employment Opportunity team to the Enforcement Bureau, we will improve the FCC’s enforcement of these rules and strengthen our commitment to fighting discrimination,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.  “For half a century, the FCC has been tasked with ensuring that broadcasters, cable operators, and other multi-channel video programming distributors comply with our national policy against discrimination in hiring.  This reform will help us fulfill that charge.  I thank all those involved in this modernization process.”

Make sure you are in full compliance with the FCC’s EEO rules.  To see a copy of the FCC’s Press Release click HERE.


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