Digital Ad Fraud – Protecting Local Digital Sales

Digital fraud is nothing new, and has been a systematic problem for national programmatic digital sales for some time.  Local digital sales have not seen the same level of fraud, but this may change as the local market becomes more lucrative.

BIA, in collaboration with Marketing Science Consulting Group, is conducting an advisory program to assess the effect of fraud in programmatic media. Its goal is to help advertisers and local media publishers become aware of the risks and take proactive action to contain this growing threat.  BIA has prepared two reports on this topic:

  • Ad Fraud and Its Impact on Local Media Spending (December 2018), presents new data, learnings and insights from 2018.
  • Ad Fraud in Targeting Local Audiences: Programmatic Geotargeting vs. Local Direct Media Buys (October 2017), offers two test cases of Ad fraud across 16 DMAs in the U.S.

The reports are worth reading. To access these Reports click HERE.

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