Courses Available from the RAB- all taken online:

RMP Radio Marketing Professional

RAB’s Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) has been recently updated. This training gives new sellers the foundation they need to begin a successful career in media sales. It also provides a great back-to-basics approach for those experienced sellers who have suffered attrition or other setbacks. This 17-module course covers RAB’s Seven Steps to Selling Success™ and the tools and resources sellers need to thrive.

CRMC- Certified Radio Marketing Consultant

The Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) is for sellers with a minimum of 18 months of experience, or those having at least one year of experience but also having earned their RMP. With an intense focus on helping your top billers grow even more, this program will allow your advanced sellers the opportunity to understand and adapt to the ever-changing media landscape. The course focus includes personal branding, advanced scheduling techniques, new revenue streams, today’s media landscape, negotiation, challenges facing retailers, consumer marketing, and more.

CDMC – Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

The Certified Digital Marketing Consultant online training is brand new and reflects the knowledge needed and learning style of today’s sellers. This comprehensive program is divided into nine main sections and each section has multiple, short, video modules to provide sellers with immediately actionable information as they transform from radio sellers to multi-platform, multi-channel marketing experts who clients and prospects depend on.

CRSM – Certified Radio Sales Manager

According to Harvard Business School, the paradox of management is: “You get paid more for doing less of what you got promoted for doing more of.” Most sales managers were promoted because they were top billers. The skill set to manage a sales team is dramatically different. The CRSM gives managers, and those who want to be managers, the tools they need to lead, inspire, and manage today’s multigenerational sales force.

Throughout the years, this has been the most popular member service. We are delighted to offer it to you! To sign up for this valuable member service, contact Nora Kipp at nkipp@nysbroadcasters.org.