New Member Service – On-Line Training from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Broadcasters compete in a multi-platform digital world and stations need to understand this digital environment. Beginning February 18th we will be offering access to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) online digital training courses.

To register contact Carolyn Jung at  Do not contact IAB directly.

Here are the courses that are available as described by IAB:

Digital Fundamentals | Online Course

Provides a high-level understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem and the common terminology surrounding it. Discover how the digital advertising industry is structured; how digital media is bought, sold, used and measured; and what you need to know about consumer behavior, ad serving, campaign tracking, internet fraud and more.  Learn more HERE.

Programmatic 360: Automation Decoded | Online Course

Provides a comprehensive, online learning experience for both buyers and sellers, addressing programmatic technologies. This class will help you develop advanced fluency in programmatic tools, strategically assess investments in programmatic solutions, and immediately apply best practices to day-to-day management of campaigns and inventory. Learn more HERE.

Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Prep | Online Course

Prepares both experienced media sellers and those new to digital media for the only globally recognized credential for digital media sales professionals. This course will help you sell digital products with more credibility, while providing impactful solutions for clients. Learn why more than 9,500 digital leaders are participating in IAB Certification!  Learn more HERE.

Data 360 | Recorded Webinar Series

Explains the systems and techniques for the collection, processing, activation and management of data for the purposes of audience targeting, campaign measurement, advertiser insights, and publisher monetization. The class also includes training on the legal policies and business considerations for the use of consumer data in advertising. Learn more HERE.

Digital Media Buying & Planning Certification Exam Prep | Recorded Webinar Series

Prepares those planning to sit for the Digital Buying and Planning Certification exam, but also educates buyers and planners interesting in learning more about the digital advertising ecosystem. Topics covered by this course include: establishing plan parameters, developing media objectives, creating buying guidelines, campaign research, defining media mix allocation, designing data strategy and measurement plan, negotiating vendor T&Cs, and much more.

Digital Ad Operations Certification Exam Prep | Recorded Webinar Series

Helps those preparing for the IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification focus their study efforts and improves digital media professionals’ working knowledge of Ad Operations topics. This course covers all areas of advertising operations including: security checks, client communications, asset intake, fraudulent activity, vendor Q&A checks, emerging technologies, network architecture, and more.

Cross Platform Video Training  (Available when completed) 

IAB is developing a curriculum to help TV planners, highlighting the unique factors and considerations involved in cross-platform planning and buying. The webinar is in development and will be available once completed.

The online courses are offered to employees of NYSBA members in good standing.  Participants must sign up for each on line course individually.  You may sign up for more than one seminar, but we ask that you complete a course before signing up for a second seminar.

Note: In addition to the courses, the IAB offers testing that leads to IAB’s Digital Sales Certification.  Several of these on-line courses are geared towards these tests.  There is an additional cost for the test. The NYSBA program covers only the on-line course and does not include the costs of certification or recertification testing.  Our primary focus is to provide members with the information needed to compete in a digital world.   


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