Accepting “Serving New York” Award Entries – Submit Public Service Entries Today

Our “Serving New York Awards” recognize the extraordinary efforts of New York State’s broadcasters in serving the public interest every day.  The awards will be presented at regional lunches which are free to all NYSBA members in good standing.

Note – the “Serving New York Awards” are different from the “Excellence in Broadcasting Awards”.  The Serving New York Awards focus exclusively on a station’s public service campaigns (both on-air and off-air) and the community groups involved in those efforts.  We do present both awards at the same regional luncheons.

Public Interest Submissions:  Stations are encouraged to invite a public interest group that you have worked with during the past year. Attending representatives of your invited public interest groups will be presented with an award as well.

Submit no more than a one or two paragraph description of your public interest program or campaign.  In addition, please submit any social media postings you may have.  It may be an on-air or an off-air campaign.  Please send to  To qualify for an award, the public interest project:

  • May include  on-air as well as off-air projects
  • Should have taken place in during the May 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019 time period.
  • Stations must be present to receive an award.

Luncheon Registration:  The luncheons will start at 12 noon at the following locations:

  • Buffalo – Monday, April 15, Westin Hotel  (the Louis Room) 250 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo
  • Rochester -Tuesday, April 16, Country Club of Rochester (Main Dining Room), 2935 East Avenue, Rochester
  • Syracuse – Wednesday, April 17, Sheraton University Hotel (Regency B & C), 801 University Avenue, Syracuse
  • Binghamton – Thursday, April 18, Double Tree Hotel  (North Riverside), 225 Water Street, Binghamton
  • Albany – Friday, April 19, Wolferts Roost (Ballroom), 120 Van Rensselaer Blvd., Albany
  • Long Island – Thursday, May 2, Blackstone Steakhouse, 10 Pinelawn Road, Melville
  • New York City – Friday May 3, Ink48 Hotel (Press Lounge Rooftop) ​653 11th Avenue

REGISTER TODAY ON THE NYSBA WEBSITE HERE. Go to the key word search and type in the regional “Serving New York” luncheon location you want to attend. Alternatively, keep scrolling down until you get to the location you want.


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