Remember Do Not Use the Name “Super Bowl” in Advertising Without Permission from the NFL

Every year a broadcaster ends up in trouble with the NFL for using the term “Super Bowl” in advertising.  This is just our annual reminder that stations cannot use the term, without permission from the NFL.  The NFL aggressively protects this trademark.  Moreover, stations need to be careful with other language.   Noted communications attorney David Oxenford, Partner at  Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP, prepared an excellent analysis of the issue in 2018.  His advice remains applicable today.  For a full discussion of the law regarding advertising the Super Bowl click HERE.

Beyond the Super Bowl, the NCAA protects its basketball championship tournament. Accordingly it has trade marked the names  March Madness®, The Big Dance®, Final Four® or Elite Eight,®  etc… Again David Oxenford has prepared an excellent analysis outlining the advertising rules for the NCAA basketball championships.  To see David’s analysis click HERE.


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