Legal Status of On-line Sports Gambling Uncertain – Amendment to NY Constitution Required

Contrary to earlier reports, on-line sports betting was not included in the legislative package. The Governor’s office stated that expansion of sports betting to on-line or to OTB locations would require amending the NY State Constitution. While some legislators in Albany believe this still can be resolved, it could take several years. In any case it may run afoul of a new DOJ interpretation of the Federal Wire Act (see story below)

From an advertising perspective, any ads for on-line sports betting remain illegal. The law passed in 2013 allows sports betting only on-site at the 4 state licensed casinos. (Casinos on tribal lands may provide any services offered at the state casinos). So only those venues can advertise sports betting. The Gaming Commission is expected to issue new regulations for these facilities.

We are very disappointed in the Governor’s approach.  It eliminates a significant source of potential advertising revenue.


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