LBS Free Sales Webinar – Nine Things to Do To Rev Up for 2019 Tuesday December 11th, 2018 – Noon ET

Every one of us can use a boost sometimes! That boost can come in many ways including the implementation of new tools to serve our prospects and clients. Join LBS Broadcast Expert, Mark Levy, as he covers new methods to enhance your performance whether you are gearing up for a sales call, using creative research, or just planning another great day!  The webinar will cover:

  • Leadership as a rep
  • Show and tell with your prospects and clients
  • The safe way to use spreadsheets
  • Hide and seek in the sales process
  • The wisdom found in working as a team
  • And much more!

This webinar is offered for free to NYSBA members in good standing.  Click HERE to register now and reserve your spot!

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