FCC Begins to Inspect Station’s On-line Public Files

As noted previously in NYSBA’s New York NewStream, all radio and television stations must have uploaded their public files onto the FCC on-line system. We also warned that the Commission will begin inspecting on-line public files.

Earlier this week the FCC sent out email notices to stations across the country regarding deficiencies in their on-line public files.  The emails asked stations to acknowledge receipt of the notice and set a date for corrective action. (A number of errors involved failing to upload the stations Quarterly Issues Programs list.)

If you received an email from the FCC, do not ignore it.  You should consult your communications counsel and take the corrective action.  At this point, it looks like the FCC is “encouraging” compliance.  Failing to act, however, may result in fines or significant problems at renewal. Stations not receiving an email should take this as a warning.  Make sure your on-line public file is in order.

We are in a new world. The on-line public file system has given the FCC a powerful enforcement tool.  The Commission can examine every station’s public file in great detail without leaving its DC offices.  You can be sure the FCC will make use of this technology.

The FCC has issued several notices reminding stations of this obligation.  Information regarding the public file obligation can be found HERE.

A list of common questions can be found at the FAQ page HERE.

There is also a recorded webcast HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact me a ddonovan@nysbroadcasters.org


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