New York Primaries May Change Political Landscape in New York State

The recent primaries in New York State will have a significant impact on  politics in the Empire State.  While much attention has been paid to Governors Cuomo’s overwhelming win, the real impact will be seen in the New York  State Senate.

For several years eight “Independent Democratic” (IDC) Senators, partnered with the Republicans on legislative matters.  Last week, six out of the eight Senators lost primary battles, including the IDC conference leader Jeff Klein.  The IDC is no more.

The demise of the IDC increases the chances that the Democrats will now take control of the New York State Senate.  Control of the Senate will be determined in the general election on November 6th.  If the Democrats win a majority in the New York State Senate, they will control the Assembly, the Senate and the Governor’s office. This will have a dramatic impact on the type of legislation that will be enacted in the next legislative session starting in January.  We will keep you informed about how the shifting political sand will impact local stations.


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