Free On-Line TV Sales Certification Program

Our highly acclaimed on-line TV Sales Certification program has been improved significantly.  This on-line course is designed specifically for New York State broadcasters.  Local Broadcast Sales executives Gary Moore, Ron Steiner and Stephen Warley, have revised the program making it easier for students to use.  The course provides 40 hours of on-line training from the basics to advanced sales.  It has electronic testing after each segment.  Sales managers will be able to monitor the progress of their salespeople taking the course.  Students passing the course will receive a certificate from the New York State Broadcasters.

This on-line training is FREE to NYSBA members in good standing. To see an introductory video click HERE.  To see a brochure outlining the on-line course click HERE.

If you or someone at your station is interested in taking the course, please contact Dick Novik – or Carolyn Jung –


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