DLA to Feature IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Prep Course

Like last year the NYSBA Digital Leadership Academy (DLA) will be held in conjunction with the NAB SHOW New York Show which will take place on October 17 and 18th at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Once again we will be presenting you with the best in sales and digital training.

This year the DLA will feature the IAB’s famed Digital Media Sales Certification Prep course. By all accounts the IAB course is the gold standard for digital media sales training. This six hour class will cover a number of topics including digital ad formats and pricing schemes, best practices analyzing digital campaign performance and pitching and upselling to digital teams; and an in depth look at the major platforms and technologies that comprise the digital landscape.

Whether you are experienced or newer to digital media, the Digital Media Sales Certification Prep Course provides detailed insight into each content area of the certification exam and key strategies for digital media sales success.

As in the past, the DLA will be free to verified employees of all NYSBA station members in good standing. Upon proper documentation (paid hotel receipt), we will also reimburse the costs of the hotel up to $300.00.

You may register for the DLA on the NAB SHOW New York  HERE. Verified employees of NYSBA members in good standing must use the discount code “NYSBA”  when they register to receive the discount.

To see a copy of the entire DLA Schedule click HERE.


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