FCC Opens Children’s TV Proceeding – Commissioner Rosenworcel Dissents

The FCC commenced a proceeding to significantly change the TV children’s rules. It seeks input on proposed changes to the criteria that children’s programming must meet to be considered Core Programming, which among other things currently require that programming be at least 30 minutes in length and regularly scheduled. Additionally, the FCC seeks to update the three-hour per week processing guideline used in determining compliance. It also proposes creating a framework under which broadcasters could satisfy their children’s programming obligations by relying in part on special sponsorship efforts and/or special non-broadcast efforts. Finally, the rulemaking proposes allowing multicasting stations to choose on which of their free over-the-air streams to air their required Core Programming hours.

We support the FCC’s decision to take a fresh look at the rules. The children’s television market has changed dramatically since the rules were enacted. To see a copy of the FCC’s Notice of Proposed rulemaking click HERE.


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