DLA to Feature Sales Expert Adam Armbruster

We are honored to once again to work with Adam Armbruster, Senior Partner of Eckstein Summers and Armbruster. Last year Adam hosted a widely acclaimed panel on automobile sales. This year he will be expanding his discussion to include a deep dive into various market sectors including: 1) automotive; 2) healthcare; 3) financial services; 4) legal Services; and 5) home services businesses. These topics will be geared for both radio and television account executives and sales managers.

In discussing these topics, Adam will focus on innovative sales techniques discussing digital sales trends, economic market conditions, case studies, Advertiming(TM*);Triangualtion(TM*); Tier Zero(TM*); and Phase Selling(TM*).

The DLA will take place on October 17th and 18th at the Jacob Javits center in NYC. As in the past, the DLA will be free to verified employees of all NYSBA member stations in good standing. Upon proper documentation (paid hotel receipt), we will also reimburse the costs of the hotel up to $300.00.

You may register for the DLA on the NAB SHOW New York HERE. Verified employees of NYSBA members in good standing must use the discount code “NYSBA”  when they register to receive the discount.

To see a copy of the entire DLA Schedule click HERE.


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