Important – To Protect Your Fixed C Band Earth Station Satellite Links from Future 5G Interference You Must Register with FCC

Your station is likely using C Band earth stations for either radio and/or television program distribution. Last week the FCC issued a Public Notice stating that it will be proposing to share spectrum used for our C-Band satellite links with new 5G broadband services. This could give rise to interference concerns.

To protect your C Band earth station against future interference from 5G systems, you need to register your earth stations with the FCC. Registration will give you priority in cases of new interference. FCC has warned that it may take into account only registered earth stations.

The FCC has opened up a 90 day window for stations to register and participate in frequency coordination. The FCC has waived the coordination requirement, so the cost should be the $435 FCC filing fee per earth stations rather than the full $1,500 it would be otherwise.

So if you are looking to protect existing earth stations, or seeking to modify your services YOU MUST REGISTER WITH THE FCC WITHIN 90 DAYS. The limited window is only available for earth stations constructed and operational prior to April 19, 2018.  A copy of the FCC’s Public Notice maybe found HERE.

Under the Commission’s rules, applicants for earth station licenses and registrations must file on FCC Form 312 Main Form, complete Form 312 Schedule B, remit the statutory application filing fee, and provide any additional information required by applicable rules.

Applications must be filed electronically through IBFS HERE.