Supreme Court Ruling on Sports Betting May Be a Boom for Broadcast Advertising

Last week the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sport Protection Act, which prohibited states from authorizing sports gambling. The legality of sports gambling will now be left up to the states. New York is no exception. New York passed a sports betting law in 2013, but it was limited to allowing “in person wagering” at casinos across the state. Now that the federal ban has been lifted this law can go into effect.

Some key legislators want to expand the 2013 law to allow mobile internet wagering and in person sports wagering at official Off-track Betting locations. The key bill on which to focus is S.7900A, which is sponsored by Senator John Bonacic (R NY 42nd) Chairman of the Senate Wagering and Gaming Committee. Nonetheless, with only a few weeks left in the legislative session, Governor Cuomo has warned that there may not be time to pass a comprehensive law. To see a copy of the legislation click HERE.

Enter the New York Gaming Commission. While initially silent, recent statements indicate that the New York Gaming Commission may establish regulations, even if legislation does not pass.

We believe there will be significant advertising opportunities for stations. This would include advertising for sports betting at casino’s, OTB locations and for on line services. We have been watching the legislation closely to make sure there are no advertising restrictions included in the bill.

We will keep you updated as the issue progresses.