TV Repacking – FCC to Conduct On Site Audits for Baseline Equipment for Stations Receiving Reimbursement

Last Friday, the FCC announced that it will be making audits of stations that have sought reimbursement for repacking costs. It determined “that audits, data validations, and site visits” are essential tools in preventing waste, fraud, and abuse. Under the FCC rules, “a third-party audit firm may conduct audits of entities receiving disbursements from the Reimbursement Fund, and these audits may occur both during and following the three-year Reimbursement Period.”

Entities receiving money from the Reimbursement Fund must make available all relevant documentation upon request from the Commission or its contractor. Stations selected to be included in the baseline audit program will be notified by Commission staff and the contractor by letter.

To see the FCC’s Public Notice click HERE.