Full House of Representatives to Vote on (HR 4986) — Additional TV Repack Funds Today

Our lobbying efforts are paying off. Last Friday, the House and Senate Commerce Committees announced their bipartisan, bicameral agreement to a modified version of (H.R. 4986). The bill has been placed on the House “Suspension” calendar for a vote today. It is expected to pass. The legislation is called the Ray Baum Act in honor of the former Staff Director of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who passed away recently. Ray also served as the VP for Government relations at NAB.
The legislation includes the authorizing framework to create additional accounts to reimburse stations for the following items related to repacking:
  • Increased funding to cover TV stations’ costs
  • Covering the costs of radio stations affected by the TV repacking
  • Cover the costs of LPTV and translator stations
  • Covering the costs of consumer education
Yesterday, we contacted every member of the New York Congressional delegation and urged them to support H.R. 4986, when it reaches the house floor today. In addition, we are continuing to urge the appropriations committees in the House and Senate for additional funding. The funding bill is expected to be part of an “Omnibus” funding bill that will be voted on later this month.
To see a copy of the legislation click HERE.