Southern Tier Stations Honored for Public Service

We have been highlighting stations that received “Serving New York” Awards at our recent luncheons around the state. This week we will focus on the stations in the Southern Tier including the Binghamton and Corning Region. More details and pictures will be posted on our website.

WHCU – Cayuga Radio Group – All Things Equal

cayugaStarting in 2005, WHCU Radio in Ithaca has successfully aired its 400th segment of an incredibly valuable weekly show entitled “All Things Equal”. It is a 15 minute segment hosted and produced by Cornell University Vice President of Community Relations, Gary Stewart. All Things Equal is a community conversation based dialogue, focusing on the areas of sustainability, equity, and equality. It covers challenging topics such as race, discrimination, and community. Guests include local religious leaders, activists, local charities, and various outreach programs. The program continues to receive major accolades in the community, especially when covering difficult topics. The forum of radio presents a personal and conversation element that Stewart, a former newspaper writer, is extremely talented at delivering.

Underwriting of the show comes from local colleges and high schools, the Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses. The show has expanded to WNYY AM and also on podcast HERE. Chet Osadchey, VP and General Manager of the Cayuga Radio Group, was on hand to receive the award.

WNBF News Radio 1290 (Townsquare Media) – American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” Campaign

wnbfNews Radio 1290 WNBF, is a major supporter of the American Heart Association. Each year the Southern Tier Chapter of the American Heart Association holds a “Heart Walk”. The Walk raises awareness in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke. WNBF began a “Heart Radiothon” in the mid-1970’s which evolved by the mid-80’s to “The Heart Walk”. WNBF has been an organizer, supporter and a participant in the event since day one.

The station does an extensive promotion campaign beginning in January highlighting “Go Red for Women” Day which is held in February. That bridges to the actual walk in April. The event will again be held on campus at SUNY Broome. WNBF runs hundreds of recorded and live promos urging people to walk, make pledges to those who walk, and sponsor the event.

In addition, WNBF works in conjunction with the American Heart Association to have weekly guests appear on the WNBF Morning Show who are survivors of heart disease and stroke. Guests talk about their experience battling heart disease, how it has changed their lives, and what research and treatment has done to help them recover. Then on the day of the walk, WNBF Morning Show host Roger Neel broadcasts live from the walk, and then walks the course with the other participants.

The 2016 “Heart Walk” drew approximately 1500 participants and raised over $230,000! Money raised goes to fund research and advocacy in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Renee Duvall and Katine Karl were on hand to receive the award for the station.

WBNG-TV Newschannel 12 (Quincy Media, Inc.) – Broome County Council of Churches – Chow Hunger Walk

wbngThe Broome County Council of Church’s Chow Hunger Walk was one of the original “walks” in the community. Throughout the years, as more and more walks have come about, the Council of Church’s has seen a decline in the number of walkers. WBNG wanted to pitch in to help make a difference. Chief Meteorologist Howard Manges and evening anchor Candace Chapman led the walk for participants around the campus. They also recorded a promo to help boost walkers at the event. “The main goal is to help eliminate hunger in our area,” explained Executive Director of Broome County Council of Churches, Joseph Sellepack. “We’re right now about 1.2 million pounds raised for the year. Our goal this year is to get over 1.7 million.” Moreover, Chow Director Mike Leahey said, “Annually this event provides about 100,000 meals in our community.”

For every dollar donated to the CHOW Hunger Walk, CHOW can purchase $7 worth of food or provide four additional meals to people in need. With WBNG’s help this year’s walk was a tremendous success and saw an increase in both the number of participants, total funds, and amount of food raised versus last year. NYSBA Board of Director Chairman, Bob Krummenacker, (VP and General Manager, WBNG), and Broome County Council of Churches’ Chow Director, Mike Leahey, were at the luncheon and received the awards.

WBNW/WENE/WMXW/WBBI/WINR/WKGB (iHeart Media) – Family Day at the Binghamton Zoo

mixFamily Day at the Binghamton Zoo started three years ago as an effort to provide more families with access to the zoo. The stations worked with McDonalds to help promote the event. The event was held in the summer on a Thursday, which is normally a slow day attracting less than 100 visitors. They partnered with McDonalds and they provided free coupons for admission to the zoo for $2.00, normally it’s $8.00. The stations have Bobby K Entertainment there with games and inflatables. The stations promote it all week and set up their own games and prizes including sand art for the little kids. The normal attendance of about 100 visitors expands to more than 1,000 on Family Day.

They also tie in with McDonalds and do McDonalds Mondays, which will get you into the zoo for $2.00 on any Monday. The stations’ support has helped increase attendance and support for one of Binghamton treasures. Tom Barney, iHeart Media Market Manager, accepted the award for the stations.

Choice 102 (WATS/WAVR) – “Christmas is for Kids”

WATSWATS/WAVR’s 30th anniversary “Christmas is For Kids” broadcast last December, was a record-setter. In addition to filling several truckloads with donated toys, bikes and games for families served by the Sayre Salvation Army, visitors to Sayre Theatre offered up $70,000 in cash, during the three hour broadcast. Choice Radio’s Saturday before Christmas fundraiser is the single, most important contributor to the Salvation Army’s annual budget. It is the community’s focal point for holiday generosity. Literally EVERYONE in the valley drops by the broadcast to share, perform or volunteer. The reason is simple, “Christmas is For Kids.” Lindsey Moore from Choice 102 accepted the award on behalf of the station.

WICZ-TV – Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network

WICZThe mission of Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network, is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, and to support the health and development of all individuals and families. M&B focuses on every element of care, from the individual, to the health care system, to policymakers. For over 25 years, M&B has been at the forefront of innovative strategies, serving as a trusted resource and authority in maternal and child health care. They oversee community programs such as: perinatal and community health, teen pregnancy prevention, family resource centers, health insurance programs in four counties for individuals and small businesses.

WICZ-TV is a proud partner, in helping Mothers & Babies reach people with their vital messages for the community. Attending the luncheon to receive awards were John Leet, VP and General Manager of WICZ, Sharon Chesna, CEO of Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network and Penny Stringfield with RVSA Advertising.

WPIE – Saluting Scholar Athletes at the Night of Champions Dinner and Fueling Excellence Program

ESPNEach year since 2014, the station has hosted its annual Night of Champions Awards Dinner in June. The dinner is attended by nearly 200 people and recognizes nearly 60 varsity scholar athletes and head coaches from 15 area schools. Each recipient receives a plaque identifying them as the outstanding athlete or coach of the particular sport they excelled in. The highlight of the evening is when we recognize the Male & Female Athletes of the year and the two coaches of the year. The athletes each receive a $1,000 scholarship, while each coach is awarded a $500 scholarship to gift to one of their deserving athletes.

Additionally, during the school year they recognize a male and a female athlete of the week through their Fueling Excellence Program with our partner sponsor Ehrhart Energy. The athletes are briefly interviewed on-air toward the end of each season. The station presents each student athlete with a commemorative t-shirt and hoodie, while a $50 cash donation in their name is presented to the Booster Club at their school.

Each year, nearly $4,000 is gifted to booster clubs through the Fueling Excellence program and combined with Night of Champions scholarships have contributed to college tuition payments and funded important high school athletic department purchases exceeding $20,000 since its inception. Todd Mallinson, VP and GM, of WPIE was on hand to receive the award for WPIE.ion.

WIVT-TV – City of Binghamton Parks and Recreation “Our Space Project”

WIVT“Our Space” is a City of Binghamton Parks & Recreation project. The project is revitalizing a four acre parcel of the City of Binghamton’s Recreation Park. The plan is designed to appeal to individuals of all ages, abilities and needs, from a child with Downs Syndrome, to a war veteran looking for a quiet space, from a family with three young children to an elderly couple. The mission is to encourage and engage their communities in physical and social activity by revitalizing a community park. The overall goal is to provide opportunities for all individuals of all ages and all abilities to engage, explore, and socialize. Phase I of the project focused on revitalizing the ball fields in the spring of 2014 with the PWC Scholars at Binghamton University. Phase II is underway on the interactive “Play Spaces”. Funding and community awareness of the project has received an enthusiastic response. WIVT has been a strong supporter and has played an important role in making the community aware of this important project. John Birchall, VP and General Manager of WIVT-TV and WBGH-TV, received the award for the station.

WYDC-TV and WJKP-TV (Vision Communications) – Honoring Hometown Heroes

WYDCThere are over 23 million military veterans living in the U.S. today. They are our neighbors, parents, co-workers, employees, grandparents, PTA members, baseball coaches, grocery store workers, teachers, firemen and friends. They live, work and play in our hometown. There are millions more that live in our minds and hearts since they are deceased.

The blanket of freedom under which we live was woven by our active duty soldiers, veterans and deceased soldiers, and WYDC-TV Big FOX and WJKP-TV My Network TV, honors our local Hometown Heroes and their families through the collection and preservation of their memories – of all Military Branches, of all periods, living or deceased.

Since the inception of running Hometown Heroes, Vision Communications has been honored by Corning’s Gaffer District for honoring local Hometown Heroes, along with creating a Media Day on Veteran’s Day 2014 where Vision Communication’s President and CEO, Bill Christian spoke and was interviewed by various media outlets.

Vision Communications, also participates in Military Holiday Greetings, has taken arial footage of the Bath National Cemetery, which runs throughout the year as part of promoting their Hometown Heroes public service campaign. They also run one, two, and three minute vignettes throughout the day on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July each year. As well as ten second mentions honoring each Hometown Hero, 24/7, three hundred sixty-five days a year (a total of 3,263 vignettes/mentions/promotional commercials collectively.)

There have been many local tributes in our Hometown Heroes public service campaign sent in from family members since Veteran’s Day 2014. This is their way of giving back to the great men and women who have and are sacrificing their lives daily for our great country. Ericka Washington accepted the award fot the stations.

WETM–TV “18 Cares Campaign” – Breast Cancer Awareness

WETMWhile the station conducts numerous community outreach campaigns through its “18 Cares Program”, it is particularly proud of its work with breast cancer awareness. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. That’s an estimated 300 thousand women diagnosed this year. The station conducted a multi-platform information campaign to inform women about the resources available to them, including mammograms. The station also promoted a number of events in the community during Breast Cancer Awareness month. It conducted a month-long series with reports during its newscasts. The reporters interviewed a number of doctors, professionals, nurses, breast cancer survivors and organizations such as Susan G. Komen. The station helped promote a number of activities, such as “Pink in the Rink” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. James Carl accepted the award for WETM.

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