All-Day Radio Training Class in New York City – Archive

Session 1 – Branding Yourself ┬áDigitally to Pre-sell, Get the Appointment, and Close (John Potter)

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest? Facebook? Twitter? Online video testimonials? A marketing blog? Personal website? Some of the most successful radio salespeople are getting more appointments and closing more business by taking advantage of all of the tools available to them. See examples from top billers, get tips on how to create an image as an expert marketing consultant, and learn to build a marketing campaign for yourself.

Session 2 – Prospecting Using New Digital Resources (John Potter)

Monitoring other radio stations for prospects eliminates 94% of your potential. New advertisers are more plentiful than ever if you know where to look. You’ll get a road map of people and places that will help you identify and qualify prospects that will close.

Session 3 – Customer-Centric Research For Better Client Relationships (Brandeis Hall)

Most sales go wrong at the Client Needs Analysis. Oh, you might close the contract, but you’ll never maximize the account to its full potential. You need questions that set your prospect’s hair on fire and get you a creative brief versus a brochure. Find the best research that leads to bigger, longer, and more successful integrated campaigns.

Session 4 – Six Secrets to Better Negotiating Power (Brandeis Hall)

Like driving, most of us grossly overestimate our own abilities and underestimate everyone else’s. Controlling a negotiation is essential to closing an order that works for both you and your client. Case studies and role play bring the learning to life.

Session 5 – Cashing In on Digital by Using Product Knowledge (John Potter)

Selling more digital requires a deep understanding of the product. Knowing the product gives you confidence to present digital and consult advertisers. Knowing the product is also a minimum requirement for creating a custom proposal that addresses client objectives. We’ll cover digital ad units, campaign optimization tactics, pricing models, SEO, SEM, mobile metrics, competition, pitfalls to avoid, and case studies of how stations are making money in this fast-paced tour of digital products.

Session 6 – Square Pegs, Round Holes: How Message Determines the Media (Brandeis Hall)

Local-direct advertisers and agencies are ever more media agnostic. Campaigns are developed on the premise of achieving a variety of objectives and not for a preferred advertising medium. We’ll use sample integrated campaigns and the assets available to you to create winning proposals that have clients asking for more.




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