Congratulations to Watertown “Serving New York” Stations

The cafe Cavallarios Cucina was the scene recently for the Watertown’s  “Serving New York”  luncheon.  Radio and television stations from the surrounding area had an opportunity to exchange ideas with other stations and community group leaders.

Stephen Hunt, District Director from Congressman Bill Owen’s office attended, as representative Owens was called to Washington to vote on the budget.  Congratulations to stations for their outstanding work in the local community.

Congratulations to the following stations in the Watertown area who received “Serving New York” awards for the community efforts.

Watertown Area Award Recipients

ABC-50 and CW 14/22 (Nexstar Broadcasting Group) – American Cancer Society Coaches vs. Cancer

Each year for the past  12 years ABC-50 broadcast an on air, web campaign designed to bring awareness to The American Cancer Society and its National  Coaches vs. Cancer (CVC) campaign. Our difference is that we brand this locally by involving the local athletic directors and high school basketball coaches to host between and in game programs to raise money for the American Cancer society.  Over the past 12 years we have raised nearly $300,000 to fight cancer.

Starting with the start of High School Basketball in November season the station produces a: 30 second generic PSA. This PSA features the chairperson of Coaches vs. Cancer letting the schools and residents know to be on the lookout for area High school basketball team’s activities and their CVC Fund raising activities.  The stations also feature the 1-800 American Cancer Society phone number and website as a source for referrals. This phase of the campaign runs until Mid-February. Both stations air over 100/30 second PSA’s during this phase. We have also be successful in getting local radio groups and the local newspaper to support this phases.

The month of January is when a majority of the High School rivalries play. The stations reach out to the areas schools to participate in “Rivalry Week” and ask them to hold special Cancer fund raising activities during one of their “Rivalry” games. The schools that agree to participate get featured in a special :15 second PSA designed to drive viewers to that specific game. To this date the station has a total of 6 rivalry games (12 schools) that participate.  They have also been successful in tying in local radio and print to support this effort as well. Both stations air over 50 PSA’s in the course of January to support this phase.

Over the past 12 years the stations have raised more than  $300,000 to fight cancer and fund research.  This has also served as a model that the American Cancer Society has used in other regions of the state and country to get local high schools and local colleges involved.  Don Boshart from the American Cancer society was on hand to that the stations for their terrific work.

WCIZ/WFRY/WTNY/WNER (Stevens Media Group NY) – Santa for Seniors

Classic Hits Z93 has worked with many organizations and individuals over the years to support fund raising and educational programs. The American Cancer Society, the local United Way Annual Food Drive, plus various musical events that raise money for local folks in need, to name just a few.

One event  Z93 is most proud of is its Annual “Santa’s for Seniors” program. Each Christmas season WCIZ-FM works with the Jefferson County Office of the Aging to acquire the names of area senior citizens who are in local nursing homes and extended care facilities, in particular, those seniors who will spend the holidays alone with no family or friends to remember them at the most festive time of the year.

For over 15 years listeners of Classic Hits Z93 have made “adopting” local seniors part of their family’s Christmas traditions, and in the process have brightened the lives of literally thousands of North Country seniors. While we work with many different groups throughout the year to improve the community, “Santa’s For Seniors” holds a special place in the hearts of our Z93 listeners.

WPBS/WPNT-DT (Watertown Public Broadcasting)- Thousand Island Bridge 75th Anniversary

WPBS/WPNI-DT, in collaboration with the Thousand Island Bridge Authority (TIBA), created a multi-media campaign to create awareness of the 75th Anniversary of the Thousand Island Bridge. August 2013 marked  the thousand Islands International Bridge System’s 75th Anniversary  (1938-2013).  Celebrations commemorating the 75th Anniversary were scheduled during the entire month of August.

WPBS-DT produced Thousand Islands Bridge 75th Anniversary: Arm of Friendship, a 30 minute documentary detailing the 75-year history of the Thousand Islands Bridge system.  The documentary highlighted interviews with those that remember seeing the bridge completed; the construction and completion of the Bridge system; the economic benefits; the benefits of connecting two nations; and the restoration and maintenance of the expanse of the Bridge.  The documentary was broadcast six times on WPBS during the month of August.

In addition to the documentary, WPBS-DT created a multi-media campaign to assist the TIBA in their awareness and promotional efforts to include: Creation of all-new Legal ID’s showcasing historical and recent photographs of the Bridge System; a number of spots promoting the celebratory events around the 75th commemoration; ads in August Insights Member Magazine; and a web-component on

WWNY 7 News/WNYF Fox 28  (United Communications Corp.) – The Children’s Home of Jefferson County

The Children’s Home of Jefferson County has many missions but one of its priorities in 2013 is to find

quality homes for foster children. It wanted to enlighten people who may never have considered the opportunity to become foster parents. The Children’s Home was looking for local folks who have excellent credentials to raise children, but may not have been exposed to foster care options. How do we reach those people and what is the message?

After several brain storming sessions, executives from the Children’s Home and WWNY decided to approach a marketing campaign from the perspective of thefoster parent rather than the foster child.  The focus would be all about the foster parents and the support they get from various agencies to provide a safe and happy home for children.  Together the station and the Children’s Home developed the tag line, “Foster parenting….it’s right for (Jane Smith or fill-in-the-blank)…and it just might be right for you”.

The station’s production crew interviewed foster parents from Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties bringing to light that foster parenting is relevant in every community. Many working professionals were included. WWNY-TV recorded the interviews where the parents felt most comfortable, either in their homes or place of business. It was important to ask the right questions and to gather a lot of “interview material” so we could produce multiple commercials from each parent. WWNY is proud to help develop a program to promote the Children’s Home’s mission of recruiting excellent parents for a worthy program. It was truly a joint effort between the agency and the television station and the campaign created buzz in local communities for its innovative approach.  Representative from the Children’s Home of Jefferson County attended the luncheon to thank the station.


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