Sales Training and Education Programs For 2013

For 2013 we will again offer a variety of services to our members. All of the following services are provided free of charge to member stations in good standing.  We encourage you to use these services. To register for these programs contact Dick Novik at

Television Sales Training:

  • Television Account Executive Training – In order to reach more entry level TV account executives across the state, our two-week basic TV Sales Certification course, usually held in Albany in March and April, will now become a web-based seminar for NYSBA members in good standing.  We will be taking the two week course and making it an in-depth multi-session web seminar.  The course will cover the same issues and will offer the same course materials. We anticipate launching the web seminar sometime later in the spring.  Stay tuned for details.  As a result, we will not have our two-week Albany training sessions this year.
  • Advanced Television Sales Training – On Friday, April 5th, the NYSBA will present Advanced Television Account Executive Training with Adam Armbruster of Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster & Company. The training will take place in the Scholastic Building at 557 Broadway, New York, NY.  The session will start at 10 AM.  It will be presented before a live audience, and streamed live to NYSBA member stations across the State. If you would like to attend in person, contact Dick Novik  More details to come.

Radio Sales Training:

  • Three levels of Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) training courses – administered on-line. Courses on Beginning Sales, Advanced Sales, and Digital Selling, both Beginner and Advanced.
  • RAB Webinars – on topics of importance to achieving better radio sales.

Digital Sales Training for both Radio and TV

  • Digital Leadership Academy– Advanced training seminar for the leading digital sellers across the State. (September 2013, Location TBD)
  •– A library of over thirty trainers training in areas of importance to your local digital sales …plus weekly training tips from the experts.
  • Small Market Digital Training Project  – “In person” outreach digital sales training seminars conducted by LocalBroadcastSales in markets throughout the state. (Locations TBD)

Timely Marketing Information:

  • Weekly Insight Edge Newsletter – Business News of importance to your local clients.
  • Monthly Cable Monitoring Reports – We monitor local accounts that are spending money on cable in your market.

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