Digital Sales Training Reaches Out to Small Markets

More than 60 NYSBA members participated in a digital sales training designed with small markets in mind.   The training was led by Stephen Warley, the founder of   He visited Glens Falls, Poughkeepsie, Binghamton and Jamestown.

Online, mobile and social media advertising is the fastest growing sales opportunity for broadcasters and according to Stephen, digital is one of the best methods for helping radio and TV stations sell more broadcasting.   Yes, that’s right!  Here are 5 key takeaways from the training:

1)   Social Prospecting

Before you call on a prospect, find a personal connection using social media tools like Facebook or LinkedIn.   This technique will dramatically increase the number of client appointments you set up.

2)  Market Your Sales Department 

Promote the marketing expertise of your sales department by creating its own Facebook page or LinkedIn group to attract new clients.  Share research and sales ideas.   Proactively respond to marketing questions from your clients and prospects, don’t just promote your sales opportunities.

3)  Build Instant Rapport with Clients

Clients want to do business with media reps that understand their business.  Before you call on any prospect, visit their homepage, view their Yelp reviews, research marketing trends on an online trade magazine covering their industry and Google your prospect to see if you can learn more about them.    They’ll regard you as a marketing expert from their industry, instead of just another media rep asking them for money.

4)  Included a “Digital Call to Action” in Every Commercial

Build broadcast/digital packages that capture email addresses, mobile numbers or social media followers for your clients.   Focus your energy on building marketing databases for your station and your clients.  Think about this:   If you sell impressions and click throughs there’s no one to reach out again to those potential customers.  Sell results, not impressions.

5)   Sell Online Video (And Not Just Pre-Rolls)

Video is the fastest growing digital advertising opportunity for the foreseeable future.   It’s driving the growth of social media and mobile.  Build video directories focused on your clients expertise.  Remember, each one of your clients is a teacher and has knowledge to share.   Video directories are more profitable than selling display ads or even pre-rolls.

For those unable to attend and would like a copy of the training video, click HERE. Some browsers may require you to download Quick-Time to access this video.  If you do not have Quick-time you can see the slides HERE.

If you have more digital sales questions for Stephen, please email him anytime at

Get free access to over 600 training videos from 35+ training’s on using the access code:   wlup9ny

Thank you to all those broadcasters who attended and a special thanks to Dick Novik and Mary Anne Jacon for organizing the training venues.

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