Request for Video/Audio Regarding Your Efforts During Hurricane Irene

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate New York’s radio & TV stations for outstanding coverage of hurricane/tropical storm Irene.

We would like to put together a video/audio collage of your efforts.  We will use this for a variety of purposes, including our lobbying efforts going forward.

Radio Stations:  A representative audio clip of your storm coverage and your station(s) logo(s).  This can be sent electronically.

TV Stations:  A representative video clip of your station’s coverage.  Make sure your station logo/call letters can be seen on the clip.  (Please send broadcast quality tape, as we will be editing).  Send tapes to: NYSBA, 1805 Western Avenue, Albany, NY  12203

Due Date:  Must be received by September 14, 2011

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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