NYSBA Weighs in on TV Spectrum Battle

A consensus has been building in Washington to allow “voluntary” incentive auctions of TV spectrum.  Obviously, any incentive auctions must be truly voluntary.  Moreover, TV stations wishing to remain serving their communities should be held harmless by; 1) not reducing our coverage areas, 2) not forcing stations on to channels that are difficult to receive, 3) compensating us any expenses associated with moving to another channel, 4) preventing future auctions and repacking scenarios.  Because this issue is likely to become part of the debt ceiling and budget debate, we urged members of the NY delegation to contact the leadership of the House and Senate.  Attached is a copy of our letter we sent to Senator Schumer and the entire New York delegation as well as talking our points.

Click here for Letter to Senator Schumer

Click here for Spectrum Talking Points

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