TV NewsCheck Survey – Total Spot Down but Political Keeps Stations Afloat

A recent article in TV NewsCheck reported the results of a survey it conducted concerning the TV spot market.  According to TVN:

“Rising above the rubble of the pandemic, the spot TV business may post a 6.6% increase this year over last, but that’s due almost wholly to political advertising.

When the seemingly bottomless amount of ad dollars tied to the elections is excluded, spot sales from perennial clients — so-called core advertisers — is expected to decline 18.1% from last year’s levels.”

It article notes that while down, the TV spot advertising market is getting better:

 “The pacing [for spot sales] keeps getting better on a month-by-month basis,” said Steve Lanzano, president and CEO of the TVB. “In April, when things got really bad, we were basically down 40% to 45% on core. In July, core was down 15% to 20%. But total, including political was almost flat. Each progressive month has gotten better and better.”

To see the full analysis in TV NewsCheck click HERE.


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