NYSBA Weighs in on TV Spectrum Battle

A consensus has been building in Washington to allow “voluntary” incentive auctions of TV spectrum.  Obviously, any incentive auctions must be truly voluntary.  Moreover, TV stations wishing to remain serving their communities should be held harmless by; 1) not reducing our coverage areas, 2) not forcing stations on to channels that are difficult to receive, […]

NYSBA Urges Governor Cuomo to Sign Legislation Preventing Unauthorized Radio Operations in the AM and FM bands

After years of effort, NYSBA received assistance in our battle to prevent interference from illegal and unauthorized radio operations in the AM and FM band. The vote for S5739-A was overwhelming, 62-0 in the Senate and 138-4 in the Assembly. The legislation makes operation of an illegal radio station a “Class “A” misdemeanor. The legislation […]